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Sailing Catamaran & Snorkeling Tour

There are a number of snorkel boat tours that leave out of the Fajardo bay area and visit reefs and the out-islands. The boats are all very similar, follow a similar schedule, serve a similar lunch and beverages, go to the same snorkel spots, and are the same price – give or take a few bucks difference. Some of the boats are newer than others, some have water slides, others are larger (so there are more people per trip), etc. But rest assured, you’ll have a fun time no matter which boat you choose.

Most of the operators have catamaran sailboats, but depending on the wind and water conditions, they may use the motor to the destinations. Some are high-speed catamaran motor boats that get you to and from the snorkel spots much quicker. Being that they are all catamarans, we found the movement of the boat is less, so sea-sickness is usually not an issue.

You are at the first site for about 2 hours. Sailing over to the first snorkel site is lovely, and they pull right up to a beautiful white sand island. The crew gives a quick lesson on snorkeling, and gets you set up with gear that will fit you, and lets you off. You can snorkel or just hangout on the boat.  The other boats will arrive about the same time, so there are lots of people trying out to snorkeling all at once.

Lunch is served on the boats – usually a nice lunch-meat buffet with lots of fresh fruit. The boats all leave this first stop after lunch and make a quick move to another spot. The second site for about 45 minutes, is usually in open water – it’s kind-of deep water, but they supply floaties to help you float if you are not a good swimmer. After the 2nd spot, is heading back to Fajardo

Overall, spending the day at sea meeting new friends, having a great time and looking at the breathtaking scenery, is worth it. If you want to know more about these tours, please visit these websites:

Source: puertoricodaytrips.com

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