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Laguna Grande: Puerto Rico’s Other Bioluminescent Bay

Imagine fireflies twinkling beneath the surface of the night sea. Every swish of your hand, every stroke of the kayak paddle restarts the sparks of light. As you kayak through the inky water beneath the mangrove canopy, with your only sense of direction coming from the tiny glow stick attached to the kayak in front of you and the ever-present voice of your chatty guide, you realize this is what experiential travel is all about.

First a little science lesson. Bio-luminescence is defined as the production of light by a living creature. The creatures producing light in a bio bay are tiny algae making their home in calm coastal waters, particularly where red mangroves are present.

Mosquito Bay on Vieques, Puerto Rico is hailed as the brightest bio bay on the planet, but getting there is a challenge of ferry rides and finding accommodations. An easier option is Laguna Grande in Fajardo, about an hour from San Juan. There are about a half dozen tour operators that provide guided kayak tours, most offering two tours per night.


Source: travelpulse.com

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