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My Puerto Rico Experience

October 30, 2016, flight 1254, American Airlines, approximate time of landing 3:00 PM two suitcases a pleasant company and in few minutes my feet would land in the famous Isla del Encanto, the same of “Yo sé lo que son los encantos de mi Borinquén hermosa, por eso la quiero yo tanto por eso la llamaré Preciosa”.

And yes, it is beautiful!!! My relationship with this amazing island started a few years back, but from years of listening to salsa, all its flavor, all its rhythm, all the “sabor” of being Caribbean, only something was missing, see us face to face … and the it was. Announcing the arrival at the airport Luis Muñoz Marín in San Juan of Puerto Rico and it was at mid air our first encounter, my eyes were filled with its sea and its foaming waves crashing with the stones was his imposing greeting yes !! There it was .. The enchanted Island.

I was received by many unknown smiles and then I realized that the strongest heat is not a matter of temperature is the warmth of its people. looking at the colorful streets full of music and my body began to move to the Rhythm of Bomba y Plena, I had no idea how to dance, but it does not become so difficult when the joy and smile of the beautiful people gives you confidence. Already inside the vehicle and through the window I could contemplate its magical contrasts, to my right the Atlantic Ocean caressing the golden sand boricua, and to the left rose before my eyes the deepest green that bursts into the mountains, a true visual spectacle. But let’s not go around the bushes and go straight to the point, this land is full of fantastic places that are worth visiting again and again, I assure you, you will not get tired at all!

With great expectation I was waiting for the moment when I would face the greatness, yes sir, the majestic and imposing fortress the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a Spanish fortification that keeps among its labyrinths the deepest secrets of war, slavery, tears but also freedom.

Today we look at it differently from what its ancestors saw, those who could not fly the colorful chiringas, but armed with a strong cannon to protect the beautiful bay, only a few steps a great wall that protects what is called Old San Juan. Colonial architecture that with elegant style adorns the narrow streets that welcome its own and strangers that with their cameras none stop capturing the greatness of the place.

As an enthusiastic tourist that I am, drops of sweat on my forehead they take me to protect me under some lush tree and refresh myself with a delicious tamarind “piragüa” and of course my lunch was, guess what? A delicious mofongo of meat with chimichurri sauce.

What can I say about El Yunque National Forest, which is a magical place! With a lush vegetation that fills your lungs with the purest oxygen, your ears of the most precious melodies of wild birds and your eyes with the glory of their waterfalls. Walking and entering by the narrow paths full of long and cold bamboos that feel the urge to go further, because as you progress it surprises and catches you with everything it got to give.

My stay in La Isla del Encanto still goes on. In the great Guamaní lands I stay. Guayama mountains are the ones that protect my bed, so I have much more to enjoy! My next stops Ponce, Mayagüez, Cabo Rojo, among others. For now, I say goodbye to the melodies of the coquis who ask for water every night.

Written by: Tatiana Silva
From: Barranquilla, Colombia

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