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Shacks Beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Shacks Beach is on the northwest of the island of Puerto Rico, a few miles north of Aguadilla, a popular surfing area and home to some of the best Puerto Rican beaches. In fact, the immediate region is well-known for great surfing conditions throughout the winter months, between December and April. The aesthetic attributes along Shacks Beach Puerto Rico are one of the reasons this lovely beach stands apart from others. More than eight miles of fairly undeveloped land blankets the coast, meandering along, making its way to an unclimbable cliff with a final stop at Survival Beach. Though acclaimed as a surfer’s paradise, Shacks is also beloved for kite boarding, wind boarding, and windsurfing, among many other activities.

At Shacks, the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, creating a windy retreat ideal for several water sports. This idyllic, breezy blast from the northwest makes its way down to other celebrated surfing beaches like Crashboat and Wishing Wells. Though it sounds as if Shacks Beach might be a crowded area, it really isn’t. It’s the extreme sport enthusiasts that love it for the windy weather (winter months bring in 16 to 19 knots of trade winds), which means it has still not achieved major status with tourists in general.

If snorkeling and diving in Puerto Rico is of particular interest, then you’ve come to the right place. Shacks is famous for the Blue Hole, a brilliant reef located off the beach. To arrive at it, take a look at the most obvious mountain seen from the beach. The Blue Hole is off to the left. Sea urchins, sponges, and cucumbers, along with sea turtles and other vividly clear creatures come into view when snorkeling and free diving around the Blue Hole. Visitors should closely monitor the surf before heading in as sometimes conditions are unsuitable. Better yet, hire one of the snorkeling guides off the beach and head in with a pro. Also good to note is the bounty of sea urchins covering the bottom. Water socks will make a big difference. There are also underwater caves offshore to the east that can be explored with a dive guide only. The series of sea caverns feature tunnels, passageways, swim-through caves and plenty of sea life.

If you’re not into wind or water sports, not to worry, Shacks Beach Puerto Rico offers more than just active playtime. Wonderfully blue, clear water permeates the coast offering scenery that’s both relaxing and inspiring. The sand along the beach is of medium grain and is mostly soft with some rocky bits mixed in. There are plenty of facilities available, from restaurants and bars to souvenir and rental shops. Though this beach isn’t the best for swimming, it’s still possible weather permitting. The trees lining the beach offer up some cool shade and an ideal place to kick back.

Aside from the fully equipped area, Shacks Beach Puerto Rico is close to several other key attractions including Bosque Guajataca forest reserve with more than twenty miles of walking and hiking paths, historical sites, caves, rivers, and lakes. To stay and explore for a few days or longer, visitors can rent an apartment or small villa or stay at one of the few Isabela hotels.


Source: best-beaches.com

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