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Kitesurfing Guayama

Kite boarding is similar to wake boarding or surfing, but with more freedom. You can use a directional board, much like a surfboard, or a bi-directional kite board similar to a wake board to surf in the open water, without any power generating devices. You use a “traction” kite to generate the pull needed to pull you over water and hold your edge. Kite surfing allows you to surf in, over, and out of waves, to boost huge air (20-30 feet or more) off the water pulling tricks and go upwind, much like windsurfing, all while using a kite.

Want to learn how to kite surf?
Contact with GKBS (Guayama Kiteboarding School). Offer Kite surfing clinics in the Pozuelo area in Guayama Puerto Rico. Mr. Kelvin W. Hernandez Cintrón founding owner and instructor of Guayama Kiteboarding School certified in first aid and had a long trajectory in the kite boarding sport. He wants to grow in the East and South area of our precious Puerto Rico. The school has the support of the Puerto Rico Federation of KiteSurfing. Read their reviews on facebook.


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